Easy Peasy

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Easy breakfast boxes delivered to your home🏠


Hillbilly Box

home-made bread, croissants, crackers, chocolate sprinkles, marmalade, butter, cheese, cold cuts, eggs, tomato, apple, bananas, grapes, orange juice


Healthy Box

pancakes, crackers, muesli, yoghurt, maple syrup, marmalade, eggs, cheese, tomato, cucumber, red fruits, bananas, orange juice



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Enjoy more, waste less

Going on a holiday should be all about relaxation and an escape from your day-to-day responsibilities and tasks. Buying groceries is one of those "musts" before you can start to relax. This task can, in my opinion, be taken away for a carefree holiday.

A lot of groceries are wasted and left in the fridge after check-out of a holiday home. The simplest example is when you buy eggs. You usually buy them in 6- or 10-packs but never finish all of them. Taking one or two eggs home does not make any sense, so you either leave them or throw them away. This can be solved with perfect-fit breakfast boxes. 

Breakfast should be a feast. That's why I use as many fresh ingredients as possible. I bake the bread and boil the eggs myself every morning, just before delivery. Orange juice is also freshly pressed, minutes before you get it. You get the quality you deserve, without the effort it usually takes. In short, easy peasy.

My main focus is on breakfast boxes, starting with a Hillbilly box full of the farmland's finest and a Healthy box as a light and fruity day starter. Different meal boxes for dinner, snacks, cakes, and more will be launched later this year. 

Easy Peasy by Carlo Dijkhuizen