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What's in the box


The Healthy Box is a breakfast box full of fresh & fruity ingredients. 

  • pancakes

  • crackers

  • muesli

  • yoghurt

  • maple syrup

  • marmalade

  • boiled eggs

  • cheese

  • tomato

  • cucumber

  • red fruits

  • seasonal fruit

  • fresh orange juice

Delivery time 🕘 between 9:00am and 10:00am on your chosen date 



Useful addresses


Jolanda's Holiday Homes

Urban Chic (#10) Strokel 31, Ermelo

Cosy (#25) Boslaan 2, Ermelo

Fins (#14) Haspel 33a, Ermelo

Holland (#29) Haspel 33a, Ermelo

Boho (#20) Haspel 93, Ermelo

Botanisch (#38) Gentenerf 9, Ermelo

Zen (#33) Oude Nijkerkerweg 109, Ermelo

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